Student turns down internship Reason: No MacBook was Provided

Written by Sarath Kumar
- Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Most first-years begin searching for internships immediately following the conclusion of their coursework. While some companies may have strict standards, it's unusual for them to rule out a candidate just because they don't have the necessary equipment. As for the second, that's exactly what occurred to a student, who subsequently wrote about it on Grapevine, a site where customers can leave reviews of local companies.

The unnamed student revealed that they were denied admission because they did not have access to a MacBook. Well, so here's what went down.

Grapevine's official Twitter account shared a screenshot of the same. Upon being asked, "Most ludicrous reasons for being rejected?," the respondent shared his story.

The student tweeted, along with a screenshot of their application, "Applied for an intern position in an early-stage startup. Participated in a pre-employment interview by phone with the company's human resources department. After the usual back-and-forth, she broke the news that, until I was converted to a full-time role, they would not be able to give work laptops. Checked to see if I had access to a computer and internet connection. The moment I mentioned that I was using a Windows laptop, she abruptly ended the call, saying, "We're only interested in people who use Macbooks."

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