Reviving Forgotten Art: The Tale of an Artist Dedicated to Miniature Furniture Making

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Vasisth Rajani, a 30-year-old industrial designer, is on a mission to revive India's forgotten tradition of handcrafted furniture by building miniature furniture.

In an interview, Rajani expressed his passion for learning about dying crafts and practices and spreading awareness through his designs.

He believes in creating day-to-day products for better living while focusing on sustainability and cleanliness.

Rajani's aim is to preserve the age-old practices of artisans in India and discourage the mass production and purchase of ready-made furniture.

He wants people to develop a personal connection with handcrafted furniture, considering them as memory capsules that store the stories of loved ones.

By supporting and promoting the work of skilled artisans, Rajani hopes to inspire younger generations to continue these traditional practices.

The inspiration for making miniature furniture came from his visit to the art museum in Chicago, where he closely observed scaled miniatures from different countries and time periods, particularly Indian miniature pieces.

The intricate detail and craftsmanship required to create such pieces inspired him to explore and reinvent these art forms.

Rajani's journey began in his childhood, fueled by curiosity about how products were made and a desire to enhance everyday items.

He further developed his skills and passion for industrial design during his undergraduate studies at D J Academy of Design.

Afterward, he pursued a master's degree at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, where he gained perspective and designed various products.

Currently based in Chicago, Rajani works as an industrial designer and continues his passion project, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and user interaction.

He has successfully organized an exhibition at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, receiving significant support from artists, professionals, and students.

Key takeaways:

  • Vasisth Rajani, an industrial designer, aims to revive India's forgotten tradition of handcrafted furniture.
  • He wants to preserve the practices of skilled artisans and discourage mass-produced furniture.
  • Rajani was inspired by scaled miniatures from different countries and Indian miniature pieces.
  • His journey began with childhood curiosity and continued through his studies and exposure to various fields.
  • He believes that handcrafted furniture holds personal and cultural significance, preserving memories of loved ones.
  • Rajani's work focuses on innovation, sustainability, and user interaction.

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