Hi, It's Sarath Here!

I am an engineering graduate from REC, Thandalam. I am a social media influencer who constantly and effectively advocates for equality, diversity and well-being of the youth community. I'm Someone who believes social media to be a powerful platform to help serve the community. I have used my media traction to help people for numerous causes. I am popular among the student community not just for my entertainment value but also for delivering several awareness speeches. You can also find me out in the field, looking for opportunities to serve and be a part of the greater good.

World AIDS Day

Our capacity to acknowledge differences, embrace diversity, and grow is what will save humanity. I had a remarkable opportunity to deliver an awareness allocation on AIDS in light of World Aids Day at Ethiraj College for Women. Availing this opportunity, I elucidated on the discrimination of the AIDS patients to 100+ students and helped them acknowledge and empathize their struggles.

Honouring Successful Transgenders

I have always admired hosting and engaging in events and activities which will lead to both achieving and acknowledging the greater good. In the recent past, I was invited to the "Golden Standard Awards 2021" conducted by 10+ Rotaract Clubs from Chennai. I was presented with an opportunity to felicitate a Transgender who is successful in her field. I was also asked to deliver a speech on Gender Awareness and Gender Equality focusing on Transgenders. I am both deeply honoured and humbled for being presented with this fortuity.


The veracity in information shared through different mediums of the world wide web is often confusing and hidden behind the multi-layered doors of social media platforms. More than often, we find ourselves in a place where we don't quite know where to seek restitution and find the facts. As someone who is working in the media sector, I addressed the students of MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai and provided them with effective insights about the "FAKE NEWS" culture in social media and as part of their "SAY NO TO FAKE NEWS CAMPAIGN". The speech provided them with basic and essential awareness on avoiding the circulation of fake news and on how to amplify verified sources.
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