New looking MTC bus terminuses at Thiruvanmiyur, Vadapalani & Vyasarpadi in Chennai!!

Written by Sarath Kumar
- Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Thiruvanmiyur, Vadapalani, Vysarpadi, and other MTC bus stops in Chennai are set to receive a massive facelift thanks to a budget of Rs 1543 crores.

According to the MD of MTC, Mr. Anbu Abraham, each complex will feature multi-story buildings with commercial complexes and parking spaces on the upper floors and deopt with sufficient busbays, waiting areas for the passengers, restrooms, drinking water units, etc. on the bottom floors.

Stores selling fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other businesses would rent space in the commercial complexes. The fantastic bit of news is that SWD concerns and clogged sewer lines will be addressed and resolved in time to avoid flooding during the monsoon season.

RFPs have been issued in the PPP mode, or public-private partnership, to attract private contractors. The winning bidder will get management rights to the property for thirty years. As early as 2022, the Minister of Transportation made this announcement to the legislature. More people would use the bus terminal, according to Mr. R. Rengachari, a transportation campaigner, if there were more places for people to store their motorcycles and scooters. The implication was that MTC could learn something about parking provision from CMRL.

The number of people relying on two-wheel transportation has increased while the number of people using public transportation has decreased in Chennai. Parking lots attached to transit nodes are a necessity in this case. This would lead to more income from sources other than farebox sales. Unfortunately, MTC has had to deal with a number of hundred crores in losses.

Whenever the Vysarpadi bus terminal is updated, locals say they will switch back to using MTC buses. It is well-known that the lack of services has prompted many people to switch to the metro system.

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