Viral Delhi Metro Footage: Outrage Ensues as Young Couple Caught Kissing on Camera

In a recent incident, a viral video emerged showing a young couple kissing in the Delhi Metro, sparking a debate among netizens regarding morality and ethics. The video, which was shared on Twitter by the page "Youth Challenges," quickly gained traction on social media platforms. The video depicts the couple engaging in a series of kisses while sitting in a metro train coach, seemingly unaware that they were being recorded.

The internet reacted strongly to the video, with many expressing their disapproval and embarrassment over the couple's actions in a public place. The video garnered over 66.3K views, 119 retweets, 307 likes, and 78 bookmarks, sparking a heated discussion online. Some individuals questioned whether the couple's behavior was driven by true love or simply a desire for attention on social media platforms.

Opinions on the incident varied. While some argued that if the couple were consenting adults engaging in public displays of affection (PDA), it was not for others to judge, others called for stricter action and a change in legislation to prevent such occurrences. The incident also reignited the ongoing debate about the lack of enforcement of rules and regulations in the Delhi Metro, where individuals have been frequently seen engaging in various unconventional behaviors despite regulations against recording within the metro premises.

Key takeaways:

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