Man In China Hides Rs 12 Crore Lottery Win From Wife And Buys Flat For Ex-Wife.

Written by Sarath Kumar
- Updated: Mar 2, 2023

A lucky break is necessary to win the lottery, and it appears that this man in China was definitely "lucky." A guy in China won a $30 million (Rs 248 crore) lottery, but the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that he has not revealed the names of his wife or child because he believes the money will make them egocentric and lazy.

It has now been revealed that the man is Li from the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous area.

The man reportedly paid 80 yuan ($11) for 40 identical lottery tickets, each of which included seven numbers. All seven numbers were in the right place, and the man won the big award.

According to the SCMP article, he got the award on October 24 and gave 5 million yuan ($684,992) to charity.

Photo by Waldemar

The man selected a cartoon character before receiving his prize money. The SCMP report claims that the inventive way of hiding one's identity has grown in popularity in China.

"My wife and child don't know, either. I worry that they won't put in as much effort in their future employment or studies since they may feel superior to others "The father is reported to have said.

According to Chinese legislation, he will pay 43 million yuan in taxes and earn 171 million yuan ($24 million) after giving 5 million yuan to charity.

Li claimed that over the past ten years, he has purchased lottery tickets and always selected the same seven numbers. This time, his commitment to these figures paid off, and he was awarded a sizable sum of money.

"I've only ever earned a few hundred yuan. My family is uninterested in my hobby of purchasing lottery tickets. Also, I don't spend much money on it, and the lottery gives me some hope "explained Li.

The man hasn't decided how to allocate the funds. He reportedly said that he will take his time deciding how to use the money, according to SCMP.

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