Unable to pay for iPhone, Karnataka man kills delivery boy, hides body for 4 days.

Written by Sarath Kumar
- Updated: Mar 2, 2023

HASSAN/MYSURU: A 20-year-old man killed a 23-year-old delivery boy in Arsikere town in Hassan district because he wanted an iPhone so much. Ten days after the murder, on February 7, police made an arrest and declared the case solved. The suspect was identified as Hemanth Datta.

Source: Times of India

Accused put Hemanth Nayak's body in a gunny bag at his house for three days before burying it in a remote spot outside of Arsikere, according to Superintendent of Police Hariram Shankar.

Police had a hard time at first solving the case because they couldn't pinpoint any animosity or suspects.

Suspect had bought murder weapon online

At first, they thought the murder was related to an illicit relationship or some other sort of wrongdoing, but then they learned that it was tied to the delivery of a package. Only two of Nayak's seven packages had been delivered by the end of the day.

According to the SP, once Nayak's charred body was discovered on February 11 beside a railway track, the inquiry shifted its focus to the parcel delivery issue. The 8th of February saw the registration of a missing Share to Twitter int. On 11 February 11 morning, Shankar reported that he had received information of a half-burned body near the railway track at Lakshmipuram, close to the Anchekopalu bridge. The police team confirmed that it belonged to Nayak, who had been missing since the morning of February 7th.

Datta had ordered a used iPhone through an online retailer and selected the cash on delivery payment method. On February 7, the delivery boy contacted the accused, who invited him to his home in Arasikere's Lakshmipura Layout. Datta did not have the funds to pay, so he had Nayak wait while he got the money from a friend.

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