Man Takes a Joyride in a Truck-Sized Grocery Cart, Leaves Internet in Awe

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Jun 16, 2023

In a bizarre incident, a video has gone viral on the internet showing a man driving a custom-made grocery cart that resembles a truck. The video captured the attention of locals in the US as the man rode the super-sized grocery cart, occupying a significant portion of the road.

The vehicle, which started off as a project to build a Christmas toy drive, garnered attention and astonishment from onlookers.

The video, which was widely shared on Instagram, received nearly 270K views. It shows the man driving the truck-sized cart through what appears to be the countryside, while people in cars stared at the spectacle.

The individuals filming the video were stunned by the unusual sight and made comments about hijacking the cart as a joke. The owner of the cart, J Rueles, revealed that the project began as an idea for a Christmas toy drive.

It took Rueles two months to build the giant cart, with the support of several companies and individuals who wanted to be part of something extraordinary.

The cart has attracted significant attention on the road, with people often stopping to take pictures and ask why Rueles built such a unique vehicle.

The video sparked curiosity among internet users, with some questioning the legality of driving such a cart on the road.

Despite the jokes and speculation, the comments suggest that the public was both curious and amazed by the sight of the cart.

Key Takeaways:

  • A video of a man driving a truck-sized grocery cart has gone viral on the internet.
  • The cart was initially built as a project for a Christmas toy drive.
  • The owner, J Rueles, took two months to build the cart with the support of various companies and individuals.
  • The video received significant attention on Instagram and sparked curiosity among internet users.
  • Locals were left amazed by the sight of the super-sized grocery cart occupying a portion of the road.

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