Indian Guys magically Summons Crows

Written by Sarath Kumar
- Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Man Calls Out For Crows, And The Sky Fills Up With Them In A Matter Of Seconds

For a long time, people and animals got along just fine. Animals can be coaxed or enticed to a specific location via human intervention, usually involving food or a specific call.

Some people use bird feeders or birdhouses to bring feathered friends into their gardens, while others use animal calls or scents to bring in game like deer or coyotes for the purpose of hunting or photography. Nonetheless, have you ever heard of a person who called for crows and had them show up?

This man does that very thing; he yells for crows, and in a matter of seconds, the sky is full of them. You can see how he does it below: Just watch this video that's going viral.

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