Unbelievable Aladdin-Inspired Prank Leaves Gurugram Residents in Awe

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: May 18, 2023

On the streets of Gurugram, India, a man named Kevin has captured the attention of people with his Aladdin-inspired magic carpet prank. He is seen wearing Aladdin's attire and riding an electronic skateboard transformed into a fabled flying carpet. The video of his prank went viral, amusing many and garnering widespread attention. Kevin posted the video on his Instagram handle, where he can be seen riding the skateboard-turned-carpet, greeting people, and even sanitizing his hands. The video gained over 402K views and 11.9K likes, with users expressing their amusement and concern about the prank. Some commented with clapping and heart emojis, while others advised caution. The prank showcased the power of social media in spreading such viral content.

The video shows Kevin riding his magic carpet on the roads of Gurugram and visiting places like McDonald's, where he interacts with people, waves, and gives high-fives. It is revealed that the magic carpet is actually an electronic skateboard, cleverly disguised in Aladdin's magic carpet design. The video highlights Kevin's talent for pranks and his ability to entertain his audience. The reactions on the internet have been mixed, with some finding it funny and others expressing concern about the risks involved.

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Key Takeaways points:

  • Kevin's Aladdin-inspired magic carpet prank captivates the streets of Gurugram.
  • He rides an electronic skateboard transformed into a flying carpet, dressed as Aladdin.
  • The viral video shows him interacting with people and sanitizing his hands.
  • The prank gained attention on social media, with mixed reactions from viewers.
  • The article includes other trending stories, Bollywood news, and health tips.

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