Boyfriend Sends 'Letter Of Closure' To Girlfriend, as a Unique way to Break Up

Written by Sarath Kumar
- Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Sometimes it's just too difficult to end a relationship. From bringing up the topic to expressing the filthy emotions, it may take a lot out of a person. Especially at a time when members of Generation Z are "situationing" more frequently than ever before. Things are already awkward when breaking up with someone you aren't officially dating.

Guy Ends Relationship With Letter Of Closure

Twitter user Velin experienced something similar when his relationship reached an impasse. But Velin did things differently by sending his girlfriend a "letter of closure" to sign and end the relationship for good.

In the screenshot, Velin can be seen sending the document to his partner, who responds with a simple "Wow." Next, he asked the girl to sign the document, which she couldn't understand until he gave her a detailed explanation of what she was supposed to do.

The letter, which Velin revealed was partially composed of, reads as follows: "I pray that you are well and able to enjoy this letter. To start, I'd like to talk about something that's been bugging me recently. Something I learned recently makes me question our future together. It is with deep regret that I must let you know that I am unable to maintain our current friendship."


In the replies, Velin clarified that he and the girl had never been "officially involved" and that their relationship had instead been a "situationship." When asked why the letter was addressed to him, he explained that he had typed it out for her.

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